Computer-Led Instruction in Schools

Computer-Led Instruction in Schools

Computer-Led Instruction in SchoolsA technology rich classroom enhances a child’s education to a certain degree. If appropriately used, the tools of technology can be used for the development of higher order thinking skills. Computer-led instruction is an integral part of a technology rich classroom as well an upcoming part of the teaching and learning process.

Through computer-led instruction, teachers can give more colorful, stimulating lectures. This helps make subject matter comprehensible to students. A PowerPoint presentation can help to fulfill this specific expectation by supplying visual means of instruction, auditory means of instruction, or a combination of visual and auditory means of instruction.

Another method teachers can use to achieve these methods of instruction is the SMART Boardâ„¢ Interactive Whiteboard. Instead of connecting my computer to this projector, a teacher could connect it to The SMART Boardâ„¢ Interactive Whiteboard and make handwritten notes alongside a presentation. Through any computer-led presentation, teachers can deliver both visual and auditory information. Visualizing and modeling, especially in the sciences, allows the students to better comprehend subject material, and they may be able to observe, memorize, and experiment more easily. Listening to native speakers, especially in common classes such as Spanish, French, Italian, can help students to develop an ear for certain sounds, which can be activated from a PowerPoint presentation.

Other resources teachers can access through a computer-led presentation include e-mail, presentation handouts, commercial course wear, CD-ROM materials, and computer simulations.

These resources and more help to engage and support student learning. Lessons may better stand out in students’ memories and help them comprehend information for upcoming tests and ideally, the rest of their life. Students without an aptitude for a certain subject may be more likely to stay engaged and on task with visualizing and modeling activities. Better comprehension of a subject may lead to increased motivation in a subject; and better comprehension and increased motivation may help reduce behavior problems in the classroom.

A computer can be used to access the Internet, where both teachers and students can receive unbounded access to information. Through a computer-led presentation, teachers can easily access the Internet. Accessing the Internet can certainly help to engage a classroom of students. With access to online sources, encyclopedias, maps, other resource material, teachers can incorporate stimulating, educational material. Furthermore, teachers can ensure that their students are accessing information that is current and up to date if it is accessed from a recent online source instead of an outdated print source.

The Internet serves …

Gateway GT5468 Desktop Computer Review

Gateway GT5468 Desktop Computer Review

Gateway GT5468 Desktop Computer ReviewGetting your first desktop computer can be one of the most exciting moments in your life, until it comes to making the final decision. There are so many great desktop computers available, and so many different brands that it can become over whelming. Luckily there are brands like Gateway that offer a solid selection of different desktop and notebook computers that you can trust, take the Gateway GT5468 Desktop for example. This solid desktop computer is super affordable and yet it out performs most expensive models, as well as it offers a steady array of standard features that will make your digital life a pleasure.

Product Rating:

User-Friendliness: 4/5 Stars
Processor Speed: 5/5 Stars
Product Features: 4/5 Stars
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Main Product Features:

The Gateway GT5468 Desktop is far more then just a bargain basement desktop computer, for this desktop computer packs a punch with solid performance and a large amount of storage space. I like the Gateway GT5468 because it is the ideal desktop computer for a beginner who wants more then enough power to enjoy all of the latest software, but without having to spend thousands of dollars on a desktop. Gateway has included every possible option that you would and could want in a bargain desktop, needless to say the Gateway GT5468 Desktop is a well equipped machine. For starters you’ll get the powerful and secure Intel Pentium D processor with an operating speed of 1.8 Ghz, this means that you’ll be able to enjoy multi-tasking without experiencing slowdown. There is also 2 GB of internal DDR2 SDRAM, which means that you will be able to enjoy all of the latest applications as well.

There is an included DVD-RAM, which is perfect for backing up files or creating those special home movies. And there is a 400 GB Serial ATA II internal hard drive, with a spindle speed of 7,200 RPM. You’ll have more then enough storage space to back up all of your files, as well as movies, music, and photos. The Gateway GT5468 Desktop is even capable of running the latest PC games with ease thanks to a superior Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. These features all combine to make the Gateway GT5468 Desktop a stellar bargain, and a desktop you you will thoroughly enjoy using.

Purchase Information:

The Gateway GT5468 Desktop can be purchased at most national electronics retailers for $759.87, and you can also purchase the Gateway GT5468 Desktop at several online …

Understanding Computer Vision - Pixel Subtraction Method

Understanding Computer Vision – Pixel Subtraction Method

Understanding Computer Vision - Pixel Subtraction MethodIf you drive a car to work every day, it is almost certain that you have thought about how nice it would be to have a chauffer. You could kick back and read the paper on your way to work and on the way home from work. Of course, in order to make this happen, a winning lotto ticket is necessary. The other way to do this is to make your car drive itself. The basics of making a car that can drive itself is computer vision. I will show in this article the fundamentals of computer vision, and with a little further thought you might be able to build your very own car that can see.

A computer sees by analyzing several still images that have been taken in succession. A computer picture is made up of pixels. A pixel is basically a dot that is drawn on the screen, and it has a color associated with it. By drawing a lot of dots with different colors, a picture will appear. For example, a picture with 128 different colors will assign a number between 0 and 127 for each pixel it draws. 0 means black, and 127 means white. The rest of the colors are somewhere between.

When a computer wants to see something it takes two pictures and quickly examines them. Without a lot of programming, a computer does not know what a mailbox is, and cannot pick one out of a picture. If a computer vision system is to be used in a moving car, the system should only be concerned with objects that are coming closer to the car. In the most basic of navigation systems it should not care what the objects are, just where the objects are and if they are getting closer. By looking at what changes from one picture to the next, the navigation system can make quick decisions by looking at only what changed between the last two pictures taken.

To figure out what has changed between the last two pictures taken, the computerized vision system looks at what pixels have changed. If the pixels from one picture to the next are the same, they are ignored. If the car is moving, the vision system is concerned with objects that are getting closer to the car. If the objects are not changing from one picture to the next, they are of no concern to the vision system. For example, if you are …

How to Block Porn Without Computer Software

How to Block Porn Without Computer Software

How to Block Porn Without Computer SoftwareWhile browsing the internet sometimes you may come across porn sites that pop up all of a sudden without you clicking on any porn site. There are also instances when you click on an innocent looking site which turns out to be a porn site. Such incidents may happen with your children as well. The only way to prevent such incidents from happening is to take steps to block such websites. The only way to do it is by installing measures that will block the porn sites from appearing on your computer. Here are some tips that you can use in order to jam porn sites without the use of software.

First, you have to sign up at OpenDNS to open a free account. This account can be applied for one computer that is being shared by everyone at home. All you need is an email address and a password.

If you have Windows XP, go the Start>Control Panel>Network connections. After choosing your network connection, select Properties by right-clicking. Open the Internet Protocol item and choose it. Click on the Properties tab and select the radio button, you will see two preferences. In the Preferred DNS box input 208.222.222. In the Alternate DNS server box key in and press OK.

However in case you have a router, open its menu and key in the above codes in the DNS preferences. Save the settings and exit router menu. To effect the change you have to reboot the computer. There are instructions that you can follow for setup.

You can block porn sites by setting filters that you want after you have opened an account with OpenDNS. Log in to your account and select settings in order to choose the filtering level that you like to set. There are three settings that you can choose from – Low, Moderate and High. You choose Low if you need to block phishing and porn websites; select Moderate to filter out adult, gambling, porn and websites; selecting the High will block off gambling, phishing, social network, video sites, adult sites and porn sites. After you finish click the Apply button.

You can block specific sites instead blocking a particular type of sites en mass. In OpenDNS you add specific website addresses in order to block individual porn sites.

After you have done your settings it will take around two hours for the settings to start working. You can do some sample testing by searching a …

Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop Computer Review, Model: K220-5358

Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop Computer Review, Model: K220-5358

Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop Computer Review, Model: K220-5358

If you are on a budget, as most of us are, then you may think that when it comes to buying a new compute r you’ll have to get a subpar model. While this may have been true several years ago, currently there are some really amazing computers on the market that are priced well under $800. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop Computer, Model: K220-5358 has been outfitted with an excellent processor and a massive hard drive to give you the best in computing functionality and performance. The best part, this Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop carries an average price of $590.

Product Rating:

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Main Features and Technologies:

Within this Lenovo IdeaCentre you will be able to enjoy a higher level of functionality and performance due to the Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor. This unique processor has been specifically designed for those that must run high-performance applications. Since this processor uses dual-core technologies, there are two processing cores working at the same time, which allow you to run numerous applications at once without slowing the computer down.

The hard drive features a total storage capacity of 640GB, which is much higher than the industry standard for this type of desktop computer. When you have this much storage space, you’ll be able to store all of your digital media files, and if your library is constantly evolving then you’ll really appreciate the added storage capacity of this desktop. For those that enjoy playing high-action video games, you’ll have plenty of storage for the various files that need to be stored in order to accurately play your games.

With the Intel GMA 4500 Dynamic Graphics Card you’ll have images that are rich and full of detail. While this isn’t the most powerful graphics card on the market, it will support all of your media programs and games. If you require a higher level of graphics performance, then you’ll be happy to know that upgrading the graphics card is extremely easy and can be done directly from the manufacturer if you purchase this desktop from Lenovo.

While there is no wireless connection with this desktop computer, you will be able to connect to the Internet through the 10/100Base Ethernet interface as well as through the much slower RJ-45 modem port.

You’ll be able to enjoy a higher level of security and interactivity due to the Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System, which supports 64-Bit software applications. This award-winning operating system is visually stunning …

HP XT914 Destop Computer Review

HP XT914 Destop Computer Review

HP XT914 Destop Computer Review

The HP XT914 is a great desktop computer that you can find for very cheap today. The HP XT914 was originally introduced way back in 2001, as one of HP’s flagship desktops. This computer came with an 800 Mhz Intel Celeron processor and 128 MB of ram upgradeable to 512 MB of RAM. I purchased this computer and a CRT monitor for $20 dollars at the Salvation Army. This computer which was once over $1000, was purchased for $20, or actually $15 because the monitor cost $5. This computer sits on my desk right now, next to my new HP Compaq Presario desktop. The amazing thing about the HP XT914 is that it is still a very decent computer for using today. It came with a CD Drive and a 30 GB hard drive. For people that do not have any computer, this is a great computer for them. Or a great second computer. You can probably find people just throwing these out thinking they are no good anymore.

You can easily upgrade the hard drive and optical drive. DVD-ROMs and CD-RW drives are so cheap these days it is unbelievable. So are 80 GB hard drives. The only downside to this computer is that it is very loud. You can hear the hard drive or the processor very distinctly and it is very noisy. You learn to get used to it over time, but at first, compared to newer, quieter computers it is a shock. The HP XT914 can surprisingly play You tube and flash media videos with no problem. The only problem is when you go to full screen, but you may be able to even get a decent graphics card for the XT914.

If you come across one of these computers, don’t throw it away, because it would be an excellent computer for somebody that has no computer. Donate it to a school or library or the Salvation Army. Somebody who previously had no computer will now be able to type documents, watch streaming video, surf the web, download music, download movies and other things. It is a great computer for the internet, it almost seems like this computer was made to go on the internet. Windows XP runs great on this machine. So if you see one of these on the side of the curb, or for a very cheap price in the paper or on eBay and you are in need of a good desktop computer

Computer Maintenance Made Easy

Computer Maintenance Made Easy

Computer Maintenance Made EasyIt is inevitable that a computer at some point will wear out and become obsolete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch out it’s life. It is no secret that computer prices have come down as of late, but if you are anything like me running out and buying a new one every year is out of the question. So, with that in mind, how can you keep the computer running and get the most out of it? Well for starters you need to look at a computer like a car. Most people are adamant about changing the oil in their cars, keeping the tires full, and putting gas in it. Much the same can be said about a computer. First let’s look at defragmenter.

Disk defrag is a tool that windows programs into the operating system no matter what kind of PC you have. When you install programs it writes data to the hard drive. When you decide to uninstall something it removes that data. Now, sometimes windows leaves behind remnants of the former program in fragments. Disk defragger will go through and find those fragments and clear them out. This tool is useful if you feel like your computer has lost some speed over it’s time with you. This tool is something I suggest running once a month

Antivirus is the next topic for extending the life of your PC. Just like a car, you want to make sure you keep the doors locked or set the alarm to keep out intruders. The exact same principle can be said about antivirus. With the increase of cyber attacks over the last few years, you can expect to be targeted for an attack each and every time you connect to the internet. Now there aren’t many dial-up modems around anymore, so these days your computer is always has an open pipe to the internet. To keep those dangerous viruses away from your computer antivirus is the key. One very important point to make, however, is that you need to be sure you are using up-to-date definitions (a database of all the known viruses). Most anti-virus software will do this automatically but it couldn’t hurt to run update once a week just to be sure.

Now let’s look at disk cleanup. Every time you jump onto the internet and surf the web, you download what are called “cookies” on your machine. These cookies provide many functions from keeping a record of where …

Watch TV on Your Computer with SlingBox

Watch TV on Your Computer with SlingBox

Watch TV on Your Computer with SlingBox

The internet has influenced our lives in many ways. We use the internet to achieve various daily goals. The internet is even used in our homes for controlling various appliances. With the rapid advancement in technology, the innovative idea of watching and controlling television using a digital TV recorder has become very appealing. This became possible with the help of a new innovative technology called the SlingBox.

The television has been the main source of entertainment for people since its invention. It is the device which is most compatible with multimedia devices. We can connect different devices with televisions, such as video game consoles, DVD players, VCR players and many other devices. It is because of the television we are able to enjoy these devices

You can put different DVDs on your computer, transfer music onto an MP3 player. But if you want to watch a show once, view a popular sporting event, or just surf channels, SlingBox is the only solution for you. Sling box is a new and unique technology that allows you to watch TV on the internet. You can connect SlingBox to your TV like a DVD player. It also allows you to make connections with your cable box, satellite television system and DVR. Once you attach all these devices with SlingBox you will now be able control them with a single remote control. The remarkable thing is that video and sound can now be connected to your laptop, iPhone, Android and various other devices. It is the most innovative technology and can control 50,000 devices so now you can run your DVR, DVD Player or even classical VHS and watch movies operated from a distance.

SlingBox is so unique that I guarantee that it will meet all your needs. If you are frequently busy but would want to be able to watch a movie without missing anything then SlingBox is great for you. It allows you to pause, rewind and playback video up to 60 minutes so you never miss any of your show. With SlingBox watching your favorite programs whenever you want becomes very simple. You will just need to connect the DVD you are watching with SlingBox and then start your DVD player using SlingBox’s remote control. This technology also helps you to watch your favorite programs without buying them. The biggest advantage of this device is that it helps you to watch major sporting events, like a football or cricket match, while you …

Building a Personal Computer

Building a Personal Computer

Building a Personal Computer

Building your own computer can have a lot of positives. It is much easier to design and build a PC that meets your specific needs when you are doing the research and hand selecting the parts and components. The big box manufacturers, such as Dell and HP can’t possibly build a PC for each specific customer’s needs. They do a great deal of market research and build generalized systems that will meet the needs of most of their customers. Most people can then simply choose one of their standard product lines and have their needs met quite well. The downfall of this approach for the consumer however is cost and performance. The customer is often forced to either choose a PC that is way more powerful than what they need just to get the one or two additional components that they need. This can cause the cost of a new PC to rise dramatically. If cost is a factor, and a customer has a set budget for a new computer, they are often times forced into a lower end PC than they would have liked because their choices are so limited due to budget constraints. For example, many customers would give up the ability to burn DVD’s and have more hard drive space than they could ever possibly use if that meant that they could have a faster processor or additional RAM. When you are designing and building your own system, these choices are easy to make. It is often cheaper to build your own machine that meets your specific needs then purchase the class of machine required from a major manufacturer.

Another major advantage of building a computer from parts that you choose yourself is compatibility. Big Box computer manufacturers often times use proprietary parts in their machines. There could be any number of reasons why they do this, but the bottom line is when a component needs to be replaced, if for an upgrade or because a part has failed, it is usually necessary to return to the manufacturer and purchase the part from them. Because they then control the market for parts for the machine, they can set the price, and the consumer is forced to either pay the price, or forgo the upgrade or replacement.

A machine that you have build yourself can also be relatively free of bloatware. Bloatware is the software packages that comes pre-installed on many major name computers from the manufacturer. This software …

The F5 of All Computer Viruses

The F5 of All Computer Viruses

The F5 of All Computer VirusesAre our kids allowed to much time on electronic devices? I believe they are. I am as guilty as anyone of buying all the latest gaming systems for my children, but I am hoping they will use their knowledge for better things than making viruses for computers.

It seems that today’s society is overpopulated with evil punks who want to sit around coming up with ways to make other people miserable. I am referring to the young and old that make computer viruses. Why not use their talent and make useful programs that will pay their bills instead of viruses made in their parent’s basement?

Virus protection is costly and many of the programs can slow your computer down tremendously. But, with the number of viruses popping up every day it is not worth the cost of not having a good anti-virus program. Along with the virus protection, you have to also have adware and spyware protection.

Some of you may remember the Blaster Worm that rocked the majority of home computers that run Windows XP. I know that it is one that I will never forget. It hit my computer with a vengeance. Since then, there have been many copycat worms and viruses, but none that reeked the havoc caused by the Blaster Worm…until now.

Now there is a new virus out. I found out about it because a friend of mine has gotten it. This one takes over as administrator of your computer. Basically it makes you a guest on your own computer. The desktop turns red and you start getting pop ups that send you to a website to buy their spy ware remover.

I tried for two hours to get a virus protector for her computer to load and scan, but it kept blocking me with every step. Also, I tried many times to put her desktop back to a normal picture only to find that within ten seconds it changed back to red.

Frustrated beyond belief, I got in touch with a friend of mine who knows more about computers than I do. It just so happens she was flipping through channels on the television and stopped on a news program about this virus. After doing a Google search, we were able to find a blog written by someone who described this virus in great detail.

Unfortunately, there is no virus protector or remover that can delete this virus at this time. However, the blogger does …