Google – More Than Just a Search Engine: 7 Helpful Online Applications and Tools for Computer Users

Google – More Than Just a Search Engine: 7 Helpful Online Applications and Tools for Computer Users

Google – More Than Just a Search Engine: 7 Helpful Online Applications and Tools for Computer Users

In 1998, two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had an idea. Little did they know that they were about to embark upon a journey that would make them billionaires.

Their idea would become Google, the search engine with a catchy name. It was obvious from the start, that Google was not just another tech start-up with an easily recognizable and colorful logo. Over the years, the little engine became the search engine that could; a mega-popular trademarked search engine that is known around the world.

The California-based company now also provides many useful and informative applications, services and tools besides the search engine. The seven applications listed below, are just a few of the vast array of tools and applications Google offers.

Google Extras:

Chrome – Still in beta, Chrome offers a no-nonsense, straightforward interface with several bells-and-whistles. A handy “incognito” mode, dynamic tabs and helpful crash control option are provided. If the browser crashes unexpectedly, crash control reopens all the tabs and displayed information prior to the crash.

Gmail – Gmail is a web-based mail service that is free of charge. Gmail cuts down on spam, provides loads of free storage, is available on web-enabled mobile phones and includes a chatting service that is built right into the application. This service does include advertising.

Google Earth – Google Earth is a visually striking 3-D mapping application. The geographic browser is available in several different versions, one is free of charge. Users can zoom in on buildings, streets, cities and the sky in three dimensions.

Google News – Google News provides up-to-date computer generated news and information from thousands of news sources around the globe. By clicking on the “News” link at the top of the Google search engine, users are able to view headlines from around the world, perform news related searches and sort the results. Users are able to set up personalized news, search archives, receive alerts via email, mobile device or RSS and ATOM feeds.

Froogle РFinding the best price for laptop computers, batteries or antiques has never been easier. Froogle is a handy tool for people who want to shop and compare prices on all sorts of products. Sort and refine results by price, store, brands or seller rating. This application is available in many languages.

Google Docs – This free application is a web-based word processor. As long as there is an Internet connection, users can view, edit, download and create new articles from any location and can share documents with others and upload existing articles or begin new ones. Save and store documents online in a variety of formats including doc, HTML or PDF. Free templates and calendars are also available.

Google Alerts – Whether a user is curious about a particular product, specific term or event, this service allows registered users to receive personalized notifications via email. Set up a Google alert by typing in the exact search criteria, such as “Jane Dough.” Set up options allow users to receive email notifications once the specific search term or event occurs, every day or on a weekly basis.

Many of the applications listed above are available by clicking the “More” link at the top of Google’s main page. Who knew the search engine with the unique name would become what it is today?

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