Free Stock Performance Review: Apple Computer Inc. (APPL)

Free Stock Performance Review: Apple Computer Inc. (APPL)

Free Stock Performance Review: Apple Computer Inc. (APPL)If you are looking for a stock to invest in you may want to consider Apple Computer, Inc. This unique company is really a stand alone company in an overcrowded market. Its unique operating platform, superior digital performance capabilities, and its apparent immunity to viruses makes it a good company to consider.

Free Stock Performance Review: Apple Computer Inc. (APPL)

Apple Computer Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, California 95014
(408) 996-1010 phone number
(408) 996-0275 fax number

What Apple Computer Inc. (APPL) Does

Like other computer and Information Technology companies, Apple Computer Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes its own brand of computer systems, peripherals, network solutions, and services. Apple Computer Inc. also offers a line of portable digital music players, accessories, and applicable services. They also specialize in IT products for the education industry and the digital media industry. For a complete listing of specific products and services that this company offers you should visit their corporate website located at

52 Week Performance Review

APPL has really had a rather rocky 52 weeks. During the 52 week period that ended on 08/25/06 APPL fluctuated between a high value of 86.40 per share and a low value of 45.26 per share. On 08/25/06 the value of APPL was somewhere between 67.31 and 69.05, which is about $20 off its high value price. While APPL has been somewhat unpredictable this year, it is predicted that the stock should continue to gain ground over the next year to reach a value of about 81.90.

Historical Performance of APPL – The Last Five Years

APPL has really performed well since 2003 where it last experienced a very low depression. Between 2003 and 2004 the stock rose from a value of about $7 per share to a value of about $10 per share. Then between 2004 and 2005 the value continued to grow to a value of about $38 per share. The growth trend continued and at the beginning of 2006 the value had climbed to just under $80 per share.

Strengths of APPL

The number one strength of APPL is that they offer a unique product that performs differently than the products produced by their competitors. Another strength that this stock has is that the company has experienced a quarterly revenue growth rate of 24.1 percent, while its main competitors have not even come close to that kind of performance increase.

Weaknesses of APPL

The main weakness of APPL is that they are competing in a market that is oversaturated with computer companies. APPL is up against Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft, as well as other private computer and IT companies. APPL also produces a product that is not readily compatible with a lot of the software programs on the market. Finally APPL is not producing a net income that is as high as any of its main competitors, indicating APPL has a small market share.

For More Information

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