Casinos Blaming Computer Problems to Screw Customers

Casinos Blaming Computer Problems to Screw Customers

Casinos Blaming Computer Problems to Screw CustomersSome people enjoy gambling, some don’t. We all know that the odds are against us, but some of us still like to play because it can be fun and exciting, as long as we can afford to lose the money we are playing. Of course there are a few problem gamblers here and there who can’t handle it, but that’s true for practically anything. Imagine you and your buddies decide to take a weekend trip to the nearest casino. It could be just a couple of miles away, across the border in the next state, or on a nearby reservation. You decide to start off easy by playing the slots. That’s some mindless entertainment. You put a few coins in, pull the lever, and…lights, noises, jackpot! Congratulations, you won the big jackpot of the day, you can now pay for both of your kids college…or can you?

You bask in the excitement of winning for a few months, and the people next to you say congratulations and offer to buy you a drink! You think of all the exciting things that you could do with that 6 figure sum of money. You must be the luckiest person alive, nobody wins the jackpot! Maybe you weren’t so lucky. A casino employee comes over and tells you that the award was a computer glitch, and that you weren’t actually the winner. Instead the employee offers you a coupled of free dinners and goes on his or her way. At this point, most of us would be shouting expletives and calling our lawyers, probably with good reason.

Sadly, this story actually happened. A player in Pennsylvania was told he won the big jackpot of the day by the slot machine and had won $102,000. Several casino employees came over to congratulate him about his winnings. He was riding high until an official from the casino came over and told him that it was a communications error between the machine and the computer system. They claimed it was some sort of internal testing which should have never reached the actual machine. Slot machines do have labels which state that the casino is not liable for malfunction of the machines, but this was a malfunction of the computer network, so that should be a bit different. Regardless, not paying out is a very sleazy thing for a casino to do and is definitely bad publicity for a new and rising casino.

That wasn’t even the only incidence. There was another similar situation when a player was enjoying a game of electronic Keno last year in a Canadian casino. That player thought he had won $209,000 only to find out it was a “software glitch”

If you go to a casino, and see all the lights flash and music play, you might not have won! What kind of rip-off is that?!

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