Computer Running Slow? Here Are Some Tips to Speed Things Up

If you play video games on your personal computer, Windows is an excellent operating system. Video game consoles just cannot keep up with the flexibility and power a personal computer offers. Oftentimes you will find that over time your personal computer may become sluggish after regular use and games may not play as well as they first did when he first got your computer. Here are some tips for your Windows PC to get back the performance that once had.

Choose the right driver

Getting the latest driver for the hardware is it something that most people do. Although this may seem like a good thing the software may conflict with the game that you are planning to play. You should definitely check out your hardware manufacturer’s website and see what they recommend for that particular game before you install the driver. Another piece of advice would be to use Google to search for what people are using for that game. This will save you some time.

Remove start up items

Your game will have less resources to run properly if there are a lot of programs running in the background. The more free memory and CPU resources your computer has available the smoother your game will run. To fix this click a on the start menu and click on run. In the box that comes up type “msconfig”. This will bring up a menu with tabs on the top, select the tab that says startup. If you know what you don’t need to have run every time your computer starts uncheck those items. Once you have completed this you will need to restart your computer. If the computer is acting odd when it reboots go back through that process and check next to the program that is causing the problem.

Clean up your computer

Having a lot of programs installed on your computer that you don’t need can also make your computer run poorly. To get rid of programs click on the start button, go to the control panel and go to add remove programs.

Defragment your computer

Windows has a program already built into it that allows you to defragment your hard drive. Run this program regularly and it will improve performance.

Check your computer’s network connection

If you play a lot of online games such as Counterstrike and World of Warcraft make sure that you have the fastest connection possible to your network. Consider a wired network if you are playing over a wireless network. Another thing that you may want to check is if other computers on your network are using network intensive applications.

Although there is much more you can do, these are some basic ways that you can improve your computers overall performance and make games run smoothly.

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