HP XT914 Destop Computer Review

HP XT914 Destop Computer Review

HP XT914 Destop Computer Review

The HP XT914 is a great desktop computer that you can find for very cheap today. The HP XT914 was originally introduced way back in 2001, as one of HP’s flagship desktops. This computer came with an 800 Mhz Intel Celeron processor and 128 MB of ram upgradeable to 512 MB of RAM. I purchased this computer and a CRT monitor for $20 dollars at the Salvation Army. This computer which was once over $1000, was purchased for $20, or actually $15 because the monitor cost $5. This computer sits on my desk right now, next to my new HP Compaq Presario desktop. The amazing thing about the HP XT914 is that it is still a very decent computer for using today. It came with a CD Drive and a 30 GB hard drive. For people that do not have any computer, this is a great computer for them. Or a great second computer. You can probably find people just throwing these out thinking they are no good anymore.

You can easily upgrade the hard drive and optical drive. DVD-ROMs and CD-RW drives are so cheap these days it is unbelievable. So are 80 GB hard drives. The only downside to this computer is that it is very loud. You can hear the hard drive or the processor very distinctly and it is very noisy. You learn to get used to it over time, but at first, compared to newer, quieter computers it is a shock. The HP XT914 can surprisingly play You tube and flash media videos with no problem. The only problem is when you go to full screen, but you may be able to even get a decent graphics card for the XT914.

If you come across one of these computers, don’t throw it away, because it would be an excellent computer for somebody that has no computer. Donate it to a school or library or the Salvation Army. Somebody who previously had no computer will now be able to type documents, watch streaming video, surf the web, download music, download movies and other things. It is a great computer for the internet, it almost seems like this computer was made to go on the internet. Windows XP runs great on this machine. So if you see one of these on the side of the curb, or for a very cheap price in the paper or on eBay and you are in need of a good desktop computer try the XT914. I was very pleasantly surprised with it when I brought it home.

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