Computer Maintenance Made Easy

Computer Maintenance Made Easy

Computer Maintenance Made EasyIt is inevitable that a computer at some point will wear out and become obsolete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch out it’s life. It is no secret that computer prices have come down as of late, but if you are anything like me running out and buying a new one every year is out of the question. So, with that in mind, how can you keep the computer running and get the most out of it? Well for starters you need to look at a computer like a car. Most people are adamant about changing the oil in their cars, keeping the tires full, and putting gas in it. Much the same can be said about a computer. First let’s look at defragmenter.

Disk defrag is a tool that windows programs into the operating system no matter what kind of PC you have. When you install programs it writes data to the hard drive. When you decide to uninstall something it removes that data. Now, sometimes windows leaves behind remnants of the former program in fragments. Disk defragger will go through and find those fragments and clear them out. This tool is useful if you feel like your computer has lost some speed over it’s time with you. This tool is something I suggest running once a month

Antivirus is the next topic for extending the life of your PC. Just like a car, you want to make sure you keep the doors locked or set the alarm to keep out intruders. The exact same principle can be said about antivirus. With the increase of cyber attacks over the last few years, you can expect to be targeted for an attack each and every time you connect to the internet. Now there aren’t many dial-up modems around anymore, so these days your computer is always has an open pipe to the internet. To keep those dangerous viruses away from your computer antivirus is the key. One very important point to make, however, is that you need to be sure you are using up-to-date definitions (a database of all the known viruses). Most anti-virus software will do this automatically but it couldn’t hurt to run update once a week just to be sure.

Now let’s look at disk cleanup. Every time you jump onto the internet and surf the web, you download what are called “cookies” on your machine. These cookies provide many functions from keeping a record of where you have been or allowing advertisers to target your interests based on your searches. Most of the time they are harmless, but you will get the occasional cookie that corrupts and hampers your ability to browse the internet. Disk cleanup is one way to keep that stuff cleaned. Not only does it delete cookies, but it also goes through and deletes temporary files, and other useless garbage that takes up hard drive space. This tool is invaluable to maintain the speed of your computer.

The last tool we are going to look at in this segment is Disk Check. Disk check is another built in windows tool that will check your hard drive for errors and attempt to fix them. Errors on your hard drive occur because of corrupt data. Data can become corrupt in many different ways. The most common would be if your machine unexpectedly loses power (power outage, accidentally kicking out the power cord). This tool works wonders if you start to see a major slow down of your computer. Really, this tool can fix more than just slow downs. It is capable of fixing issues where applications are not working or if you are getting the blue screen of death.

These 4 tools are key players in maintaining the computers well-being. You would be surprised how long a well taken care of computer can last.

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