How to Block Porn Without Computer Software

How to Block Porn Without Computer Software

How to Block Porn Without Computer SoftwareWhile browsing the internet sometimes you may come across porn sites that pop up all of a sudden without you clicking on any porn site. There are also instances when you click on an innocent looking site which turns out to be a porn site. Such incidents may happen with your children as well. The only way to prevent such incidents from happening is to take steps to block such websites. The only way to do it is by installing measures that will block the porn sites from appearing on your computer. Here are some tips that you can use in order to jam porn sites without the use of software.

First, you have to sign up at OpenDNS to open a free account. This account can be applied for one computer that is being shared by everyone at home. All you need is an email address and a password.

If you have Windows XP, go the Start>Control Panel>Network connections. After choosing your network connection, select Properties by right-clicking. Open the Internet Protocol item and choose it. Click on the Properties tab and select the radio button, you will see two preferences. In the Preferred DNS box input 208.222.222. In the Alternate DNS server box key in and press OK.

However in case you have a router, open its menu and key in the above codes in the DNS preferences. Save the settings and exit router menu. To effect the change you have to reboot the computer. There are instructions that you can follow for setup.

You can block porn sites by setting filters that you want after you have opened an account with OpenDNS. Log in to your account and select settings in order to choose the filtering level that you like to set. There are three settings that you can choose from – Low, Moderate and High. You choose Low if you need to block phishing and porn websites; select Moderate to filter out adult, gambling, porn and websites; selecting the High will block off gambling, phishing, social network, video sites, adult sites and porn sites. After you finish click the Apply button.

You can block specific sites instead blocking a particular type of sites en mass. In OpenDNS you add specific website addresses in order to block individual porn sites.

After you have done your settings it will take around two hours for the settings to start working. You can do some sample testing by searching a couple of porn sites. If you have been able to block the sites successfully, a message will appear saying that the website has been blocked. You can now rest in peace that your children will not be exposed to porn.

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