4 Great Ways to Type on Your Computer Without Ever Having to Use Your Keyboard

In the information age, typing is a necessary skill in business, school, and life in general; unfortunately, typing isn’t everyone’s strong point. Following are several great ways to get away with typing perfectly written pages without typing at all.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a “speech to text” software application that types whatever you say – and is the perfect solution for anyone that has a strong desire to type, but just can’t poke at their keyboard’s keys fast enough. There are lots of speech to text software apps on the market, but very few of them can be compared to “Dragon”. Dragon Naturally Speaking tailors itself to your voice and speech patterns and will allow even the worst typist type papers on their computers with their hands behind their backs.

Livescribe Smartpens + MyScript

Typing, especially on a computer, is a relatively new concept to civilization and written text predates typing by thousands of years. If you’re used to writing by pen and can’t really get the “hang” of typing, or prefer not to type, you might want to strongly consider purchasing a Livescribe Smartpen. The Livescribe Pulse and Echo smartpens allows users to write and record their handwriting and audio at the same time – and with the Livescribe MyScript app, you’ll be able to transcribe your handwritten text into editable text on your computer.

“Dragon” Certified Digital Voice Recorders

If you’re away from your computer and want to be able to record your voice to be typed in Dragon Naturally Speaking later on; you’re in luck. There are several Dragon Naturally Speaking certified digital recorders that’ll allow you to synch your recorded audio with Dragon Naturally Speaking and turn your recorded audio into text in your favorite text editor.

Optical Character Reading (OCR) Software

If you’ve looked at the previous methods for “getting around typing” above and thought “those ideas sound great and all, but the cost of Dragon Naturally Speaking, digital voice recorders, and Livescribe pens are expensive” there is another method for cheating your text editor – but it requires excellent penmanship. If you have nearly perfect handwriting and a scanner [or all-in-one printer] you can get away with scanning your written text and converting it into typed text using an Optical Character Reader program that’ll scan your written text and turn it into typed text.

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