How to Receive Faxes on a Computer

Computers are everywhere and we have become so accustomed to them that we barely notice they're there. They have made our lives so simple and have become a part of humanity that we can't imagine what our lives would be like without them. Of the very many functions of the computer, one of them is sending and receiving data. In relation to this, there are other aiding devices that help the computer work much easier. One of them is the facsimile machine or rather commonly known as a fax. This machine is used to send and receive documents. The manner in which it is sent is, the sending machine sends graphic pictures of one or more documents in the form of data across telephone wires which is then received and reconstructed by the receiving machine. This enables documents to travel across great distances within seconds.

To receive fax on computer you need to first know the types that exist.Fax machines are classified by grouping, depending on fax modems and data transmission speed. The types that fall under classification by grouping are; group 1, group 2, group 3 and group 4. Group 3 and 4 are much faster than group 1 and 2. Types that fall under classification based on modems are; class 1 and class 2 which need to be connected to a PC which controls them through software. There's also the upgraded version class 2.1 which is much faster than the previous two. Then there is also the class 3 which can perform fax functions without the computer. Finally the faxes classified according to data transmission speed are; V.34 ITU-T which is capable of transmitting 28800 bits per second. Then there's the much slower version, V.17 ITU, which transmits 14400 bits per second.

There are two ways to receive fax on computer and these are manually or automatically. These are the following steps to follow when sending fax manually: open your fax software and select the menu of icon which allows you to receive fax. Do not lift the telephone when you hear it ring, but instead click on "answer now". When the fax is received you need to go to your inbox to read or print it.

Another way to Receive Fax on Computer is automatically. Start by opening your fax software, and locate the icon that allows you to receive fax and select the option which allows you to receive fax automatically.

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