The F5 of All Computer Viruses

The F5 of All Computer Viruses

The F5 of All Computer VirusesAre our kids allowed to much time on electronic devices? I believe they are. I am as guilty as anyone of buying all the latest gaming systems for my children, but I am hoping they will use their knowledge for better things than making viruses for computers.

It seems that today’s society is overpopulated with evil punks who want to sit around coming up with ways to make other people miserable. I am referring to the young and old that make computer viruses. Why not use their talent and make useful programs that will pay their bills instead of viruses made in their parent’s basement?

Virus protection is costly and many of the programs can slow your computer down tremendously. But, with the number of viruses popping up every day it is not worth the cost of not having a good anti-virus program. Along with the virus protection, you have to also have adware and spyware protection.

Some of you may remember the Blaster Worm that rocked the majority of home computers that run Windows XP. I know that it is one that I will never forget. It hit my computer with a vengeance. Since then, there have been many copycat worms and viruses, but none that reeked the havoc caused by the Blaster Worm…until now.

Now there is a new virus out. I found out about it because a friend of mine has gotten it. This one takes over as administrator of your computer. Basically it makes you a guest on your own computer. The desktop turns red and you start getting pop ups that send you to a website to buy their spy ware remover.

I tried for two hours to get a virus protector for her computer to load and scan, but it kept blocking me with every step. Also, I tried many times to put her desktop back to a normal picture only to find that within ten seconds it changed back to red.

Frustrated beyond belief, I got in touch with a friend of mine who knows more about computers than I do. It just so happens she was flipping through channels on the television and stopped on a news program about this virus. After doing a Google search, we were able to find a blog written by someone who described this virus in great detail.

Unfortunately, there is no virus protector or remover that can delete this virus at this time. However, the blogger does say that the Geek Squad from Best Buy can fix it. Also, individuals who are computer savvy enough to completely reformat their computer can also fix it. Apparently, the only way to purge this virus from your computer is by reformatting.

Now comes the tough question, do you back up files to keep from losing all of your data, music, and pictures? Or do you wipe it all out and start over? Common sense tells me that backing things up would also back up the virus onto the disk. But who wants to lose that much information? I know I would not want to. I use a digital camera and a digital camcorder to capture any and everything that is important to me. For people that methodically back up their files they may have a chance to salvage most of them, if they can pinpoint a time that they know for sure their computer was not infected. For others, it is a lose-lose situation.

If you would like to read a little more about this virus and the symptoms that it shows once a computer is infected, you can click Here to read more about it.

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