Georgia Tech: Employee Wanda Wilson Used Company Computers to Have Sex, Store Porn

Georgia Tech: Employee Wanda Wilson Used Company Computers to Have Sex, Store Porn

Georgia Tech: Employee Wanda Wilson Used Company Computers to Have Sex, Store Porn

After Georgia Tech auditors suspected employee Wanda Wilson of fraudulent P-card purchases, they began to analyze her usage of two company laptops she used, according to Georgia Tech auditors found that Wanda Wilson’s usage of company computers during working hours did not follow company mandates. It was stated that she used the company laptop to set up sex encounters during the workday in her office. The auditors also found many porn images saved to her hard drive. They also found many sex oriented online discussions that took place during working hours. She was fired, but only for the fraudulent P-card purchases.

I have had to manage people who were given access to the Internet. Many of my employees over the years have used their work time to visit sex and porn sites. So with the pressure if being a manger and through trial and error I tested ways to monitor them. I have come up with my own ways of monitoring their usage to make sure they are not surfing porn site on my clock. Of course, the smarter the employee the more covert your ways of checking on your employees’ Internet usage needs to be.

One of the best ways I found to monitor the usage of the Internet with my employees was to just deter them from going to any sex sites. When they are given their Internet access codes I make them sign an Internet agreement. This agreement states that they will be fired on the spot should any questionable content be found on their computer. This was stated to include but not limited to sex and porn. This deterrent made monitoring my employee far easier.

The next way I monitor my employee’s Internet usage was to frequently visit them to see how their work was going. Unannounced visits to their workstation made many employees not go on any sex and porn sites. I found that even if they minimized the site, a quick glance at the tool bar would tell me what sites they were on.

Another way to monitor an employee’s Internet usage is to occasionally check the memory on their computer. Every web site the employee logs into will leave what is called a cookie on their memory. Go under their toolbar and search for the word cookie. By doing this you will have a list of every site that they have been on.

Still considered that they are going on sites that they shouldn’t on company time. Engage the parental controls on their Internet explorer. Use a password that no one knows beside you to engage this control. This will keep them off all sex and porn sites.

If you find that your employees are still finding ways to get on sex and porn sites your last resort to monitor this is to take away Internet access. Leave one or two computers with access available for work use in a public and open space in the office. This will end the problem of how to monitor your employee’s usage of the Internet all together.

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