ecWest Offers Software Application Development
ecWest specializes in custom C/C++, C#, and .Net based applications and design. Our applications have included various network protocols (TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, SSL, etc), Application Programming Interfaces (MAPI, TAPI, etc), electronic messaging protocols (HTTP, XML, ACH, EDI, OFC, etc), and have been deployed for companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500.
ecWest is headed by Mr. Raymond A. McCue, a seasoned industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in client / server projects including multi-tier network applications, web based solutions, IP filters, Dial-up Applications, EDI, ACH, VISA, Microsoft OFC, Online Banking systems, Credit Bureaus, and other software solutions.
Have an application which needs performance enhancements or changes? ecWest engineers are highly trained in understanding client / server applications and protocols and can help your organization streamline the application by recommending changes or modifying critical sections.
Architecture and Design
To have a solid application, there must be a solid methodology to it’s architecture and design. ecWest ensures the development of all of our solutions have well written design specifications where the client understands what is to be delivered and what can be expected from the application.
Like any profession, application development requires tools and specific skills to complete the solution. ecWest’s staff skill sets include C / C++ programming, Windows Application development, UNIX programming, network protocols, and various messaging protocols to complete the project.
Our team can design and develop applications based on a specific Operating System or tiers which may reside on several different Operating Systems.
Our development methodology is an object-oriented, iterative development which helps ensure the application is making progress to the committed schedule.
Product Life Cycle
Our team can help you develop in-house expertise to either take over current projects or start new projects with a winning development plan. We can help explain or implement development methodologies such as:
• Concept
• Design and Analysis
• Implementation
• Validation
• Deployment
• Using Agile, Iterative or Waterfall development process
Project Management
Our applications include knowledgeable and efficient management to ensure your success. Every project is coordinated with our client using the Agilet.
Have a project which needs to be managed? Call in our project management team to lead your development using your development resources.
Regardless of how you use ecWest’s project management, ecWest follows up every project with the client for a reference check to help ensure our quality and practices.
Quality Assurance
ecWest’s team will ensure your success by careful planning, efficient development and Quality Assurance throughout the solution’s development life cycle.
Our Quality Assurance entails every application being put through rigorous testing with iterative development and checkpoints being taken at specific milestones throughout the development cycle. Using this methodology, reduces the problems found with waterfall development and the problems which can be found at the completion of the project.