Business Concerns
ecWest, LLC has been in business since 2001 and has become a leader in Information Technology (IT) solutions ranging from system upgrades to complete infrastructure, hardware, and software based on current and future client business requirements. Company’s from Fortune 500 to local business like Automated Data Processing Inc., Paul Clausen and Associates, and Stauffer Electronics have used ecWest to provide the required professional IT services with exceptional results.

Our methodologies include extensive research and analysis to provide a total solution for our clients, based on their business needs. Our solutions include selection of premier software, hardware, infrastructure, and services to ensure our clients success. By performing these types of services, our clients look to ecWest for long term partnerships which enables ecWest in “Helping Business Perform Business”


  Key to success
A commitment to quality is the key to ecWest’s success. The company employs numerous quality control methods to ensure a problem-free environment. ecWest’s investment in research and development, meanwhile, ensures clients have a full range of solutions at hand — from basic Internet access to sophisticated IT solutions.

ecWest solutions provide a methodology not found by our competitors, whom offer only partial solutions for client’s business problems. We spend time understanding a client’s business before proposing a solution so we can produce a winning strategy to solve the problems they currently face, plus provide a long lasting structure upon which the business can build..

“Help business perform business by providing exceptional customer satisfaction with accurate solutions to real business problems.”